Listcrawler is one of the definitively big names in the escort industry. They are also known as Babylon Escorts or Escort Alligator, alongside several other names – on par with websites like Craigslist.

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That said, this one has several differences. Not only is different from other escort services, but it’s also distinctive from other Listcrawlers.

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There are several of them, confusing as it may be. Only a few include:




People who have already been in this industry for some time likely won’t be confused by this collection, but it’s a known fact that Listcrawler isn’t amongst the most comprehensive websites. Some of its iterations – such as the European branch – are borderline outdated, sadly enough. Still, people use them a lot, so it’s natural we need to clear some things out.

What is

Listcrawler in general is a service where anyone can come and look for the escort providers and sex workers of their preference using an extensive search algorithm. You are welcome to go through profiles on your own by fiddling with filters (including location, gender, and other parameters).

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However, the websites under Listcrawler’s umbrella are also convenient because they naturally give you a list of people you may be interested in judging by your own location. If you keep looking through the applications, eventually the algorithm will determine what your key preferences are and adjust the main list to them

The Listcrawler company has been around since 1997, making them one of the oldest online escort’s services still alive. It’s also one of the reasons why they aren’t as quick at adopting new, less outdated design solutions – specifically for their ‘.eu’ branch. But let’s finally get to the point of what this particular website even is.

Who is it meant for?

As you might’ve understood from the domain name, this website was made for the use by Europeans, whereas the initial Listcrawler service is meant for Americans (and Canadians, to a lesser extent). The basic functionality is the same, although there are many differences, mostly owing to the fact that the European site hasn’t been updated for a long time.

Obviously, the main property and premise of the whole website is that it’s packed with the European SWs and escort providers. Not only are the search algorithms designed for you to better find the desired people from a European city/province/country where you live or currently dwell, but there are also more Europeans, and not only because the website was made for them.

How does function? is an aggregator, much like the main service. It means that, in addition to the people who registered here to provide their services, you’ll also be given a number of applications from people who never gave their permission to post their profile there.

It happens because Listcrawler takes applications from various EU websites and services that already have a large enough Internet presence, and takes the applications from there. When you connect to the people Listcrawler offered you, there is a chance you’re connecting with someone from another website.

Don’t worry, Listcrawler won’t meddle with the websites that actively cheat people, so this practice is as safe and secure as it gets, at least from the technical point of view. The legitimacy of people themselves can’t really be guaranteed – they might very well be cheats and scammers. 

Poor websites usually attract poor audience (and vice versa), which means you aren’t in a particularly high risk browsing through Listcrawler. All the same, you need to be careful even if you trust this service with your own life.

Essentially, you get a larger pool of people nearby to pick from precisely because will take some of its candidates from the Internet. You can sort the users by location – for instance, pick Madrid – and the portion of people you’ll see will be users from other websites.

How do you navigate around

Listcrawler isn’t exactly like dating apps, like people except it to be. Places like Tinder or Badoo are different because you don’t look for professional escort, most of the time. The majority of people there are just folks like you. But that’s not the only difference, there is also a difference of how these services present your options.

On Tinder, the search goes like this:

1. You are given a list of people you may be interested in, in the form of cards;

2. If you don’t like an option in front of you, you decline it and are given the next candidate;

3. If you like the option, you’ll be able to agree to it and start chatting (right after you pay a fee to open full access, that is)

So, what you get is a collection of profiles that can be explored in a very limited capacity (age, location, photos, hobbies). It’s also easy to lose your match if you aren’t careful, because Tinder restricts you from browsing the options openly – most of the time, you can only browse what you’re given.

It’s rather different on

1. You get a list of recent applications – not profiles;

2. In these applications, people are describing their services or maybe requirements. There are other parameters that get set automatically, such as their location, their age and what time they posted the application;

3. If you liked the application, you can go ahead and contact the publisher by going to their profile

That’s why the website is called ‘Listcrawler’ – you’re given a list of candidates, and you crawl through it. You can also get new lists if you change the parameters of your search filters. The most crucial parameter is the city, because this service operates around cities. However, there are also other qualities.

To help you with your search, each application is also accompanied by a photo a publisher has left for reference. You ought to be careful. Even though the website is pretty secure, you may be lured into a scam by an obviously fake photo. The staff does everything it can to keep these people away, but you can’t catch them all.

Advantages of working with

Being one of the more popular and prominent escort services in Europe, website is bound to have several definitive strong points. And it does.

1. Ease of access

A lot of similar websites employ frustratingly long methods of verify whether you are a legitimate person or not. While it’s very much welcome to some extent (after all, you need to be sure that users here get checked as thoroughly as appropriate. 

Listcrawler doesn’t go much further than your personal data, phone number, identification, e-mail and a photo to make sure you’re a real living person.

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You can even browse the website unregistered. Most functions will be barred to you, but you can safely check out what the service has to offer by going through a basic list compiled for anyone visiting.

Just know that this website is operating with 21+ users. For unregistered use, it’s fine to simply tell a pop-up window that you are indeed of age. But if you want to use the website extensively, you’ll need to verify your age and hookup all. Any sort of identification will do. They won’t use it for any purposes except make sure you’re within a legal range for using.

2. Large pool of users

Listcrawler doesn’t just have a lot of candidates because they take borrow some applications from the other websites. It’s also rather popular in its own right, and for several reasons.

Obviously, it’s a rather old website that came to be before most escort or dating services. People – mostly just Americans – came here since even the 90s, although it was a more complex time.

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Different Users On Listcrawler

Regardless, they accumulate the userbase, and when the company launched the EU branch, a lot of the European users that visited the website regularly moved to instead. The userbase stayed, although they also attracted a lot of the new customers, obviously.

In addition, Listcrawler is genuinely simpler and more user-friendly than most similar website and apps. In addition, if you have a problem, you’ll be able to find a solution because a lot of the people have probably encountered the issue before you – just browse the Internet for a bit.

3. Few restrictions

In order to contact a person, you won’t have to pay extra fees. You’ll only need to find whoever appeals to you and send them a message. They usually have requirements and their own preferences, but everything past that point is agreed upon with whoever you contacted.

Just don’t forget that you can leave feedback about anyone on the website. You can always leave a negative review. In fact, leaving reviews and reporting people is all you can do on the website if they weren’t a very good provider or a customer. The reviews will just deteriorate their overall rating, but the report can lead to their termination.

If someone left a bad review about you, you can always dispute it by contacting staff. If the review indeed wasn’t honest, they may remove it. But that’s it – no refunds or other deliberations.

Disadvantages of

Although this is generally a beneficial service to work with, in particular has several downsides, minor as they are.

1. Old-fashioned design

If you decide to visit any of the other Listcrawler versions out there, you’ll likely stumble upon one of the popular branches. These are very well-designed. The style is usually not just pleasant to look at, but also functionally useful. The design of might be fairly useful, but it’s definitely not very pleasant.

The main complaint is that they only use a fraction of space and don’t make a very good job out of it. You’ll mostly be working with just a small central bit where the list is usually. That’s not very convenient, especially considering that they have to squeeze all the information in this little section.

Listcrawler Design
Old Fasioned Listcrawler Design

Moreover, the design choices themselves (such as text placement or color schemes) don’t look too good compared to the modern styles designers come up with.

2. Possible blockage in some countries

Some countries in Europe obviously have a stricter approach to escort services, which is why buying them on Listcrawler may be illegal. In some cases, the website could even be banned. The website has a questionable status in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine and several Balkan countries, as well as Ireland, France and Scandinavia.

You need to clear out whether the website is banned where you live or if buying the services isn’t legal there. If the website is blocked, you can bypass it using the VPN, although it may not even be necessary.

Additional info about

There are several additional facts you might be interested in if you consider using the European Listcrawler. 

For instance, if you create an account with you won’t be able to use it on other Listcrawlers. It’s an extensive network, but they created several distinct websites for a purpose. So, if you lived in USA and used the service there then moved to Europe, you’ll have to create a new account with

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It’s also possible to use the standard Listcrawler, because it’s not particularly meant for US, it just so happened that most of the users are from this country. It also could be more convenient to use this website because of the superior design, although there are generally more European users in – the choice is ultimately yours.

You also can’t use a Listcrawler app on account of there not being one. There is a possibility to use the European (or any other) version on a mobile browser, and it actually could be more convenient. The services generally have a fully-supported mobile version, just no app.

It’s a shame really, because most similar services either have an app or have additional content on mobile. For instance, Craigslist has a mobile app, as well as several community-made apps that enhance the capabilities of the service.